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This page is dedicated to Skype or in person (Los Angeles area) lessons. Opened to all levels, covering topics from technique, language, improvisation to composition, theory concepts and inner voice research.

Guitar, Classical Guitar and "Core Studies" too! 

Attending Berklee College of Music allowed me to discover a detailed and functional approach to Theory and Harmony, directly applied to my instrument.

Electric Guitar Studies include a specific "workouts" on techniques, improvisation on changes, expressivity, sound, sight reading, composition, arranging, theory and harmony applied on the guitar, visualization and inner voice research and "stimulation". Additionally, we would run thought ALL the well known 8 Levels of the Berklee Proficiencies. A lot of work! But fundamental to really improve our Guitar and Music knowledge and perfect if your goal is to apply to Berklee and run for a Scholarship.   

Classical Guitar Studies include a solid preparation equivalent to the first, five years block of the European conservatories. Plus notions of Classical Theory, Counterpoint and Solfege.



"Core Studies" Section is completely based on the Berklee way to teach Harmony, Ear Training and Arranging. Helpful to become more confident and aware about what we play or hear. 






Example of Harmony Studies applied to Guitar 

Example of Arranging Studies applied to Guitar 




Rates start from 60 Dollars per hour for a single Section, Combo at convenient prices are available and strongly suggested.

For more informations or to book your slot, click the button below!

Example of Outside Impro

Technique Exercises

Solo Construction and Language

Bouree in E minor (J.s. Bach)

Example of "Mega Chops" Exercise

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