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Welcome to this exclusive page for Skype or in-person guitar lessons with AM Dandy. These lessons cater to enthusiasts of all levels, regardless of your location in Los Angeles or elsewhere. AM Dandy offers an extensive array of topics to explore, including technique, musical language, improvisation, composition, theoretical concepts, and the cultivation of inner musical voices.

AM Dandy's mastery extends beyond the realm of Electric Guitar. He also provides guidance in Classical Guitar and "Core Studies." His time at Berklee College of Music has equipped him with a profound understanding of Theory and Harmony, which he seamlessly applies to enrich his teaching.

The Electric Guitar Studies cover a wide spectrum of vital aspects. These encompass targeted exercises for technique enhancement, improvisation over chord progressions, fostering expressiveness, sound experimentation, sight-reading, composition, arranging, and the practical application of music theory and harmony, specifically tailored to the guitar. Furthermore, AM Dandy introduces visualization techniques and encourages inner voice exploration to elevate your musical expression.

Additionally, these lessons comprehensively address the well-recognized 8 Levels of Berklee Proficiencies. While this may require significant dedication, it is an essential step towards advancing your guitar and music knowledge. If your goals include applying to Berklee and pursuing a scholarship, this comprehensive approach is the ideal path to realize your aspirations.

Whether you are a novice embarking on your musical journey or a seasoned player striving to refine your skills, AM Dandy's lessons offer a wealth of knowledge, drawing from his extensive musical expertise and Berklee experience.

Classical Guitar Studies include a solid preparation equivalent to the first, five years block of the European conservatories. Plus notions of Classical Theory, Counterpoint and Solfege.

"Core Studies" Section is completely based on the Berklee way to teach Harmony, Ear Training and Arranging. Helpful to become more confident and aware about what we play or hear. 




Example of Harmony Studies applied to Guitar 

Example of Arranging Studies applied to Guitar 



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Example of Outside Impro

Technique Exercises

Solo Construction and Language

Bouree in E minor (J.s. Bach)

Example of "Mega Chops" Exercise

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