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" It is a gift to listen to you playing guitar"

Daniel Flors (Berklee Guitar Faculty)

Alessandro "AM Dandy" Meynardi, is Italian Musician, Guitarist, Composer and Producer based in Los Angeles, California.

His musical journey commenced in the quaint village of Mondovì, nestled in the embrace of North West Italy. At the tender age of nine, he embraced his first guitar, following his earlier dalliances with piano and cello. However, it was at the illustrious Conservatory "Ghedini" (Cuneo) and the Academy of Modern Music in Turin that his formal musical education took flight, and lead him to attend Berklee College of Music in 2017, eager for further knowledge and artistic exploration, he sought guidance from a plethora of notable mentors and luminaries, each adding their distinctive brushstroke to his creative canvas. The likes of Mick Goodrick, Daniele Gottardo, Bobby Stanton, Jim Kelly, David Tronzo, Tim Miller, Gianluca Ferro, Luca Allievi, and Marco Roagna, became the catalysts for his unwavering passion. 

The tapestry of influences woven into his soul was diverse and rich, a confluence of legendary artists such as Steve Vai, Frank Zappa, Pat Metheny, Guthrie Govan, Joe Satriani, Santana, and others. These maestros imprinted their essence onto his sound, allowing Dandy's musical expression to blossom in a kaleidoscope of genres.

As a solo artist, AM Dandy, AM Dandy & the Elements and Diamond Inferno (ex Thunderpetz) stand as the zenith of his artistry. Beyond these ventures, he immerses himself in an array of collaborations, both personal and remote, acting as a recording guitarist, composer, producer, arranger, and, on occasion, even as a singer and bass player.

His proficiency and versatility are not confined to the studio; they emanate vivaciously on live stages. As a solo artist, Band Leader for NBD, and a sought-after session musician, his melodies have graced numerous venues across Europe, Japan, and the USA. Notably, he has shared the stage with esteemed international artists such as Planet Funk, Steve Vai, Fates Warning, Arti&Mestieri, Doyle, Faster Pussycat, LA Guns, and others.

One of the defining moments of his career was the honor of serving as Lead Guitarist and Band Director in a momentous project with Berklee College of Music. A grand tribute to the legendary Frank Zappa, this memorial video live performance stands as a testament to his artistry and reverence for the greats who paved the way.

As an entrepreneur and visionary, AM Dandy stands as the founder and owner of Black Lotus Recording Studios, a sanctuary for creative minds, and Diamond Thunder Publishing, a conduit for the dissemination of musical brilliance.

In the City of Angels, where dreams take flight, AM Dandy continues to paint his musical opus, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of contemporary music. With each note he performs, he carries the legacy of his mentors and inspirations, adding his unique hues to the ever-evolving symphony of sound.

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"AM Dandy"'s love affair with music began with a rich and diverse tapestry of sounds, thanks to his father's eclectic taste. From the iconic melodies of Santana, Robben Ford, and Dave Valentine to the virtuosic stylings of Di Meola, Satriani, Vai, SRV, Metheny, Malmsteen, and Zawinul, he was exposed to an impressive array of musical genres through the performances of legendary artists. 
The spark that ignited his passion for the guitar was the legendary "G3: Live in Concert" featuring Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and Eric Johnson. Witnessing Steve Vai's awe-inspiring performance, especially when he played Frank Zappa's "My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama," was a transformative moment for Alessandro. From that point on, he knew that music, and specifically the guitar, was his destined path. 
The influence of Steve Vai, Frank Zappa, and Pat Metheny runs deep in Dandy's heart, shaping his appreciation for composition, playing style, and overall creativity. In terms of guitar playing, he also draws inspiration from the likes of Guthrie Govan and Joe Satriani, marveling at how Guthrie seems to express his thoughts directly through his instrument, as if his mind is intricately connected to his fingers and the guitar. Throughout his musical journey, Dandy has nurtured his solo project, AM Dandy (Solo and with The Elements), a cornerstone of his artistic expression. Amidst various other ventures and collaborations, one of the standout milestones was the Zappa Tribute in Fall 2018, a remarkable homage to Frank Zappa, powered by the musical prowess of Berklee College of Music. Assembling his Rock/Electronic band "Thunderpetz" with himself on Lead Guitar and Voice, his brother Lorenzo Meynardi on drums (known as Stif), Guney "Southesizer" Tamer on Sound Design and Synths, Riccardo Gresino on Keyboards, and Jordan Lucas on Rhythm guitar, Alessandro showcases his creativity and musical vision through this dynamic ensemble. 
With a heart enriched by a diverse musical upbringing and an unwavering passion for the guitar, AM Dandy" continues to leave a lasting impression on the stage, channeling the essence of his inspirations while carving his unique path in the world of music.

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