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"Secret Garden" and Berklee College of Music era

"I have always been in love with Ibanez guitars. Their tone, playability and character are so uniquely great. Additionally, the shapes are so sexy"

AM Dandy plays an Ibanez J.Custom. A unique model but with some typical Ibanez specs: HSH; floyd rose and RG body.

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In the name of versatility, AM Dandy has undergone numerous changes in his live setup over time. However, when it comes to recording, he prefers a more direct approach, usually plugging his guitar directly into the amp with only a select few pedals accompanying him. Among his trusted companions are a distortion pedal, the Morley Bad Horsie 2 Wah, and the Whammy by Digitech. For the majority of "Secret Garden," he recorded the lead guitars using a combination of the Fender Deluxe Reverb, Mesa Boogie Lonestar Special, and a Marshall JCM 800, while also harnessing the power of the Axe Fx II XL + for certain lead and rhythmic guitar parts. These days, AM Dandy primarily relies on the REVV D-20 amp for his performances.

The distinct sound of AM Dandy's guitar playing in both the album and live performances is further enriched by the use of the Whammy by DigiTech and the WhaWha by Morley. The Morley pedals have played a significant role in his musical journey for many years, influenced by the expressive wha sound beautifully demonstrated by Steve Vai. AM Dandy's love for the Morley wah lies in its exceptional expressiveness and practicality, especially the inner spring design, which elegantly resolves a traditional Cry Baby-style wah's biggest drawback. Deeply satisfied with the Morley Pedals, he wholeheartedly recommends exploring their offerings at, praising them for creating some of the coolest stuff in the market.

Furthermore, to expand his sonic arsenal, AM Dandy has recently welcomed the Bass Cry Baby by Dunlop onto his pedalboard. This new addition alternates with the Bad Horsie 2, further enhancing the diversity of sounds at his fingertips during his mesmerizing performances.

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