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"Secret Garden" and Berklee College of Music era

"I have always been in love with Ibanez guitars. Their tone, playability and character are so uniquely great. Additionally, the shapes are so sexy"

AM Dandy plays an Ibanez J.Custom. A unique model but with some typical Ibanez specs: HSH; floyd rose and RG body.

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"I change many times my live set up; but for recording, even if I like experimenting new  ways, I usually go quite directly to the amp through few pedals (a distortion, the Morley Bad Horsie 2 Wah and the Whammy by Digitech). As regards "Secret Garden" I recorded the majority of Lead Guitars with a Fender Deluxe Reverb, my Mesa Boogie Lonestar Special and a Marshall JCM 800.   

I used my Axe Fx II XL + for the remaining lead guitars and many rhythmic guitars". REVV D-20 is the amp AM Dandy primarily uses now-days.


While there is not a main typology of distortion, the Whammy by DigiTech and the WhaWha by Morley are an important element of his playing in the album and in Live Performances.    


"In early November 2019 I started a relationship with Morley Pedals. It's been a lifetime I am using Morley wha, maybe strongly influenced by Steve Vai playing rich of that kind of really expressive wha sound. Of course it's a Morley. I think Morley wha wha makes guitar talking. It is so expressive and so practical too! The inner spring completely solve what I consider the biggest issue of a traditional wha Cry Baby style. I always suggest to take a look to cause these guys make the coolest stuff in the market."

These days AM Dandy brought on his pedalboard also a Bass Cry Baby by Dunlop, that alternate with the Bad Horsie 2. 

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