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"It is a gift to listen to you playing guitar"

(Daniel Flors - Berklee Guitar Faculty)

"... So the Jimi Hendrix Award 2019 goes to AM Dandy, Alessandro Meynardi, since with his playing and his compositions brings at Berklee, with majesty, the legacy of Jimi. A visionary and futuristic Rock Guitar interpretation. Congratulation... "

(Kimberley Perlak - Chair of Berklee Guitar Department)

"What a delight! One of the best performances I have ever seen in here!"

(David Tronzo)

"He is like a hurricane, a train at maximum speed, that hit you gently with beautiful melodies"

(Alex Uhlmann - Planet Funk)

"His guitar playing is something I have never seen before"

(Mike Abdow - Fates Warning)

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