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At a tender age of 17, AM Dandy embarked on a remarkable artistic journey, birthing the unique and enigmatic "Zahatra" - a Conceptual Visual Art that defies conventional description. Born out of a fervent desire to capture the essence of profound emotions and intense feelings, the word "Zahatra" itself is a product of his imagination, carefully crafted to encapsulate the very essence of the vivid images he envisioned in his mind.

Unyielding in his pursuit of conveying the inexpressible, AM Dandy found solace in creating these visual masterpieces, each one a testament to the overwhelming power of emotions.

Coming from a lineage of visual artists on his father's side, the call to express emotions through painting has always been ingrained in his soul. The "Zahatra" serves as a potent vessel, a visual representation of the emotions that defy verbal articulation. With an innate need to paint the indescribable and let colors dance upon the canvas, AM Dandy finds himself drawn to creating these evocative pieces to complement specific tracks or ideas conveyed through his guitar playing. As he delves into the boundless realm of emotions, AM Dandy's "Zahatra" becomes an artistic sanctuary where feelings take form and emotions find a voice, leaving an enduring impression on those who bear witness to his powerful artistic vision.


Zahatra of Rational Irrationality


Zahatra of Rock Charm

Other works


"Imaginary Landscape" 

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