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The "Zahatra" is a kind of Conceptual Visual Art I created at 17 (more or less). The word itself is an invented one. Since I couldn't find an existent name that would meticulously describe the meaning I got in my head, I just decided to come up with one by myself. The "Zahatra" is the visual representation of a very strong feeling, of a tremendously deep emotion. I usually produce them mo create a support for some specific tracks or ideas expressed in some particular tunes, to support what I "say" with the guitar.

I also come from a family of visual artists, from my dad's side, so in a certain way I've been always felt this need to express emotions through painting. Especially those very hard to define talking. 



Zahatra of Rational Irrationality


Zahatra of Rock Charm


Zahatra of Perversion

Other works


"Imaginary Landscape" 

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